Feed Types

There are three basic types of goat feeds:

  1. Complete feeds are high-fiber feeds that have the roughage included. Hay and pasture are optional. Complete feeds are usually in a pelleted form.  Complete pellet feeds are ideal for feeding to goats in a dry-lot environment, when feeding a medication (goats can’t sort out grains and not eat the medicated pellet) or during winter months when pasture or forage is not available. While hay is not required with a complete pelleted feed, providing small amounts of long stemmed hay 2-3 times per week will allow for a “scratch factor” in the rumen which will help maintain rumen health. 
  2. Grain – mix supplements are a blend of high quality grains with vitamins and mineral supplements added.  They are meant to be fed along with a hay and/or a pasture feeding system.  These feeds may be in the form of a textured sweet feed or a pelleted grain mix.
  3. Concentrates are typically a pellet that will be mixed with loose grains and molasses.  The pellet contains the supplemental protein, minerals and vitamins, plus any desired nutritional additives. 

In addition to the feed types, goats will need mineral supplementation. 

Mineral Supplements are concentrated source of salt, trace minerals and vitamins.  A goat specific mineral is an excellent supplement for goats on a range / pasture feeding program.  A goat mineral will also stimulate water intake, which reduces the potential for urinary calculi.  To best meet a goat’s nutritional need and to avoid potential toxicities, a goat-specific mineral should always be used for goats.